Welcome to The Children First Learning Partnership

May I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Children First Learning Partnership website,

The Children First Learning Partnership was established in April 2019 and is a small but growing multi academy trust made up of Primary and First Schools.

We believe our name captures what is at the very heart of all that we believe in and will drive our future development and growth.  We pride ourselves in the support, challenge and encouragement that we provide for each other and believe every school in the Children First Learning Partnership is unique, diverse and bursting with talent that will always be actively encouraged.

We work tirelessly to ensure our pupils love to come to school, know how to keep themselves safe and make friendships based on respect, honesty and trust. The difference we can make to our local community is also very important to our schools, our multi academy trust promotes this cohesion to develop a sense of pride and responsibility in our pupils.

Collaboration is a key driver in our motto ’ Inspiring Excellence Together.’ We have a proven track record of school to school improvement, which we believe has allowed schools facing difficulty to rapidly improve. Alongside this success it has allowed those offering support the opportunity to be able to grow leaders and specialist teachers for the future.  By doing so we can ensure that our pupils receive an outstanding and innovative curriculum, which promotes a wide range of exciting and aspirational learning opportunities, inspiring a thirst to learn and the skills to work independently and alongside others.

Our broad range of professional development opportunities, using key evidence based research, are both bespoke and MAT wide. We also actively encourage regular networking, peer mentoring and coaching across our own multi academy trust and with others. This has been a privilege to oversee and the sheer potential and capacity it is creating for us is inspirational.

Thank you for visiting our website, however you would be very welcome to visit one of our schools, to hear about their journey and the difference the Children First Learning Partnership is making to them.  Look forward to meeting you soon.

Mrs Abigail Rourke  CEO Children First Learning Partnership, National Leader of Education.