Vision & Values


The Children First Learning Partnership is a community of schools in which our children come first; we are proud of each and every one of them and want them to thrive, flourish and achieve their full potential within a supportive and caring environment.

Our vision is to be one of the highest performing and constantly improving Trusts in the country with capacity and capability to support others for the benefit of all children


We will achieve this:

  • through excellent teaching that challenges and inspires and through providing enrichment opportunities that support each child’s development.
  • by building a strong and collegiate identity for our Trust whilst recognising that each school within the Children First Learning Partnership has its own unique characteristics.
  • through collaboration and joint working we will develop a culture in which we trust each other to ensure that all our schools share in, and benefit from, each other’s strengths.
  • by recruiting, retaining and developing the highest quality staff who nurture and inspire in order to deliver the best educational outcomes – and be the employer of choice.
  • ensuring leadership development is focused on empowerment, accountability and improvement at every level
  • by working in partnership with other schools, MAT’s and agencies to ensure that each school is at the heart of its community;
  • by ensuring Members and Directors are accountable for the educational outcomes of every child in every school in the Trust, and the overall combined success of the MAT, including its financial viability, sustainability and integrity as we develop and grow.
  • by ensuring that our Trust’s sense of responsibility and accountability for every child’s success permeates through all our schools, every Local Advisory Board (LAB) and every member of staff.